Pimu is currently looking for one vision/development engineer, please use the contact form to reach us.

The skills we are looking for

There’s no typical day at Pimu, but all of our work imply programming at some point. Ideally, you’re fluent in Python, C++ and C#. If it’s not the case but you already code on a daily basis, don’t let language names scare you away.

Another big part of the job consists in developing optics solutions under a constant storm of ever changing constraints. A bit of experience with cameras, lights and all kinds of optics is a serious plus.

We speak French and English on a daily basis, German and Spanish when we have to and Italian when things are doing great. You must be comfortable in English and either French or German.

Developing industrial vision systems is an extremely inter-disciplinary process by definition. We interact with project leaders, quality management departments, mechanical designers, electrical engineers, suppliers and more. It is thus indispensable to enjoy interacting with people from other backgrounds.

What we offer

A challenging yet rewarding work experience. A relaxed open-minded atmosphere between colleagues. Competitive salaries and a high flexibility in how and when you work.